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Rules for Forum and Game.

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Rules for Forum and Game.

Post by rickycool246 on Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:48 pm

{Table of Contents}
I. RP rules.
II. Warnings and Punishments.
III. Rules of Major and Minor Gods.
IV.  Rules of Legacies, Descendants, and 25% God children.
V. Available Titan/Primordial Parents.


I.{RP Rules}

*No Godmodding and OP characters.
-What this means is your characters can not just be the "Strongest" and dodge every attack, randomly attack people, be       able to one hit KO people, etc.

* No Spamming.
-This one is a given, spamming is not tolerated, punishments will occur if this is violated.

*No Uncanny Knowledge
-This is when a character knows everything about another character, without actually RPing and figuring out the information through RP.

*No Book Rping
-This is when someone pretends to be a character from the Series (PJS or HoO)

*No Character Control (Aka. CCing)
-This is when someone controls the actions of another person's character.
Example: Person1) *You run away in fear and scream* "Aaaah!"
              Person2) Stop controlling me!

*Out of Character Talking
- To make sure everyone knows that you are not in RP please use ()'s.

II. {Warnings and Punishments}

* Spamming in game is an instant kick/ban.

* Rude behavior/ trolling gets 3 warnings before kick. If you come back and do the same thing you will be banned.

*Hacking is an instant ban.

* Refusing to listen to the mods will get you jailed (if in game)

*Disrespect towards Mods/Admins will get you 3 warnings, and then kick. If you come back and do the same thing you will be  

III. {Rules of Major and Minor Gods.}

* Children of Minor gods do NOT get over powered abilities.
- For example a child of Hecate will not have this unlimited magic ability. (They can only do small elemental magic) Or, NOT all Aphrodite kids have the charmspeak ability.

*Children of the Big Three Gods (Major Gods) do NOT have the exact same powers as their parents.
- An Example is a Hades Child can't control death and randomly make people "just" die. A Zeus child can not create random lightning storms. A Poseidon child will not be able to create massive tsunamis that can flood a whole city.

* Each ability/power inherited from their goddly parent is a VERY weakened form of it.
- In general most children of Minor gods do not get "powers" they get enhancements(or Talents) such as: Wisdom, Stealth, good fighting ability, etc.  However, it is possible for minor god children such as children of Aelous (God of the Winds) to be able to control gusts of wind. Or, a child of Khione to be naturally cold, and be able to control ice and snow.

IV.  {Rules of Legacies, Descendants, and 25% God children.}

* Legacies.
- This is more common in Camp Jupiter(Roman Demigods), but Greek Demigods can be a legacy just as easy. When being a legacy of a god(or Goddess) you will have ONE of the powers from the God; however its a much weaker form of it. For example if I'm a legacy of Zeus I might be able to have his lightning manipulation power or I might be naturally Strong, have great leadership skills, and be popular. (But! If I have a "power" in this case lightning, it'd be very weak, and could never out rank an ACTUAL child of Zeus)

- Being a Descendant puts the demigod farther away from the bloodline of the God/Goddess. So, the descendant would be able to have only 1 ability, but not a "power"; rather a talent inherited from the God/Goddess. For example, If I were a Descendant of Zeus I wouldn't even have his lightning Manipulation power. Instead I'd simply be Naturally strong, great leader ship skills, and possibly popular.

*25% Gods.

- These are children of two demigods. Meaning that the god is a grandparent of the child. These children will not have any major powers. They will only be "talented" such as a grandchild of Zeus would possibly be stronger than average mortal kids, but could never best an actual demi-god.

V. {Available Titan/Primordial Parents.}

* Being a Demi-Titan. The available Titan parents are: Coeus, Kronus, Hyperion, Iapetus, Mnemosyne, Oceanus, Phoebe, Rhea, Themis, Eos, Epimetheus, Helios, Prometheus.

*Being a Primordial child is a bit different. You can only be a direct child of: Nyx, Elpis, Akhlys,Hemera.
The rest of the Primordial Gods you can be a DESCENDANT or a Legacy of them.

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