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William Z Knight

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William Z Knight

Post by rickycool246 on Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:53 pm

Basic Information
Full name: William Z Knight
Nickname: Liam
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Austin, Texas
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'9
Birthday: December 13
Alignment: Lawful Good,Chaotic Evil
Physical Appearance
Hair Color: Pitch Black
Eye Color: Left eye Green. Right Eye Blue
Clothing: Typically a leather Jacket with a ACDC shirt. Black jeans with a chain, and a checkerboard belt. Then, an industrial piercing on his left ear.
Scars: one on his lip.

Personality Summary: Has a big temper. No self control over self. Arrogant. But overall a fairly decent person.

Habits: Likes to wake up at the crack of dawn to watch Supernatural while stealing internet from the local Starbucks. He must take off his shirt when showing any sort of frustrating emotion.

Fears: Afraid of being buried alive. Needles(Aka Shots), and oddly shaped noses.
Likes: Rock music, "Emo" music, hellhounds, and starbucks.
Dislikes: people who make fun of his shirt problem.
Family & Home Life
Godly Parent: Thanatos
Mortal Parent:Scarlet Diamond (Deceased)
Siblings: None
Friends: None so far.
Enemies: Everyone.
Pets: His hellhound named...Fluffy.
Weapon(s): A longsword with a crimson stream going down the black onyx like metal. The hilt is metal wrapped in black leather with black leather strips crossing to keep it on.
Armor: Typical Greek armor.
Combat Style:Close range attacker.
Strengths: Fighting
Weaknesses: Understanding othhhers.. Neutral Archery, and thinking before acting.
Abilities: Able to talk to the dead. Good at throwing knives. Can do parkour and other related activities to that. Can summon the dead.
Background: Had a poor home life. His mother was never around. Eventually on the way to CHB she died protecting him from the beasts that attacked.

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