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Vincent Nash

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Vincent Nash

Post by LordPharos on Wed Dec 16, 2015 8:33 pm

Basic Information
Full name: Vincent Keiran Nash
Nickname: Vince (by his half-siblings), Bonehead (by Garrett)
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Savannah, Georgia
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 5'11"
Birthday: February 15
Alignment: Greek; Chaotic Lawful
Physical Appearance
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Brown
Clothing: Vincent's wardrobe consists of flannals, plain t-shirts, comfortable jeans and the occasional khaki shorts.
Scars: Three on his shoulder and one on his lower back
Other Features: N/A

Personality Summary: Due to his lack of a social life during his childhood, Vincent is quiet and rarely mingle with others. Because of those traits, he tends to put training in front of everything else, in order to avoid social contact.
Habits: Stomping the ground three times and spinning his spear four times before and after battle, sacrificing five chocolate bars to Ares a day.
Fears: Venustraphobia (fear of beautiful women), Kenophobia (fear of empty spaces)
Likes: Coffee, training, steak
Dislikes: Indian food, cold weather
Family & Home Life
Godly Parent: Ares
Mortal Parent: Cecilia Nash
Siblings: N/A
Friends: Garrett Summers, Daniel Hathaway
Enemies: Travis Brymer (Former), Gale Bryant, Gallus Summers
Pets: Dog the Cat
Weapon(s): Spear, guandao, battle axe
Armor: Heavy armor from head to toe, no visible armor weak spots.
Combat Style: Vincent prefers close combat, wanting to be up close to give out blow after blow before the opponent has a chance to attack.
Strengths: Physical prowess, feet movement
Weaknesses: Speed, agility
Abilities: Summon skeletons of dead soldiers, war cry (which empowers allies nearby)
Background: Born in Savannah, Vincent grew up in a normal household as an only child. At the age of seven, he moved to New York city to live with his aunt until his mother comes back from a trip. Due to circumstances, his mother has to stay an extended amount of time in Hong Kong. Upon his mother's wishes, he was taken to Camp Half-Blood at the age of 11, where his aunt left him there and never returned for him. For the next four years, he lived at Camp Half-Blood and trained in preparation for battle.

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